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Catherine Levine

Software Producer

Welcome to my website! Here you can see a showcase of games I have developed throughout my time at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Please take a look around, play a game or two, and feel free to reach out!

wizkid opening cinematic.gif
Don't Touch The Penguin
Wid-Kid Fire Spell
Pumpkin Smash
Wiz-Kid Ice Spell


Project Anchor



Role: Producer

As a fledgling wizard,  you must traverse your way through a perilous cavern and obtain your magical staff to prove yourself worthy of becoming a full-fledged wizard in this rogue-lite adventure.

Don't Touch the Penguin (Game Jam)


Role: Co-Producer/Co-Designer

You are a caged, zoo penguin.  You must entertain your crowds, you must attract their children toward your cage bars, and you MUST bite the delicious hands that reach out for you.
One day the children will learn... DON'T TOUCH THE PENGUIN

Roll The Bones

RollTheBones (2).png

Role: Scrum Lead / Programmer

ROLL THE BONES is an iterative, skill-based romp down a graveyard hill raised to life!!  Collect bones and evade holy crosses to get BIGGER, get FASTER, and get STRONGER, enough to SMASH the town at the bottom!!!

Pumpkin Smash (Game Jam)

pumpkin smash.PNG

Role: Producer/ Audio Designer

Sentience has sprouted inside of you, and you must defend your pumpkin siblings from the hordes of humans who want nothing more than to carve them into Jack-o-Lanterns.
Can you save your pumpkin patch from annihilation?

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