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DontTouchThePenguintitle (1).png

Project Overview:

  • Platform:

    • PC

  • Genre:

    • Humor

  • Engine:

    • Unity

  • Project Duration:

    • 60 Hours

  • Team Size:​

    • 7 devs​

  • Role(s):

    • Co-Producer

    • Scrum Lead

    • Co-Designer

  • Production Style:​

    • Agile/Scrum​

Don't Touch the Penguin was a game I created with a team of seven devs for a game jam in early 2020. The theme? "Don't touch the...". I served as the co-production and co-design capacity. It's a light, humorous game where players need to bite as many zoo guests as possible while maintaining guests' satisfaction by performing tricks.

This game jam was completed entirely remotely during the Covid - 19 crisis.

Project Roles 

Co-Producer/Scrum Master:

  • Led idea generation meeting and daily stand-ups for the team.

  • Documented and shared all information during the game's ideation and during development.

  • Identified & eliminated blockers for the development team, particularly regarding animation integration.

  • Created a remote communication system for the team, which improved our ability to coordinate significantly over the course of the short, remote project.


  • Assisted in rapid game idea generation for the game jam. 

  • Integrated assets into the game & set up the game's level.

  • Sourced, foley'd, and edited the game's audio assets.

  • Sourced music that best fit the game's overall theme.

  • Balanced game difficulty.

  • Created penguin animation.

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