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pump smash.PNG
  • Platform:

    • PC

  • Genre:

    • Casual

  • Engine:

    • Unity

  • Project Duration:

    • 60 Hours

  • Team Size:​

    • 7 Devs​

  • Role(s):

    • Co-Producer

    • Co-Designer

Project Overview:

Pumpkin Smash is a game jam game I created with seven other student developers in December 2019. In it, you control a pumpkin trying to defend a pumpkin patch against kids who are taking pumpkins to be carved into jack-o-lanterns. I was a co-producer and co-designer for this project.

Project Roles 


  • Helped resolve interpersonal disputes for the game.

  • Recorded data during ideation period for the team.

  • Helped create modes of communication for the game.

  • Assisted in setting up page for the game. 


  • Assisted in creating the core game-play loop.

  • Sourced and edited all audio assets.

  • Assisted in integrating all audio assets.

  • Assisted in integrating menu scenes & transitions.

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