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Project Overview:

  • Platform:

    • PC

  • Genre:

    • Casual

  • Engine:

    • Unity

  • Project Duration:

    • Four weeks

  • Team Size:​

    • 6 devs​

  • Role(s):

    • Scrum Lead

    • Programmer

  • Production Style:

    • Agile/Scrum​

Roll the bones is a casual game developed entirely by Game Design & Production students over the course of four weeks. In this project, I mainly focused on programming, my weakest game development skill, while also assisting the team with scrum practices. In this casual PC game, you take on the role of a skull who must gain momentum and size as you roll down a mountain to destroy a town below.

Roll the Bones was developed partly remotely due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Project Roles 

Scrum Lead

  • Led idea generation meeting and daily stand-ups for the team.

  • Documented and shared all information during the game's ideation and during development


  • Assisted in scripting the player movement.

  • Scripted menu code.

  • Created a script for the cutscene dialogue.

  • Scripted the floating Necromancer dialogue.

  • Created a reset function to allow player's to restart the scene while skipping the cutscene.

  • Scripted audio asset triggers.

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