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Project Overview:

  • Platform:

    • PC

  • Genre:

    • Rogue-Lite

  • Engine:

    • Unity

  • Project Duration:

    • Seven Weeks

  • Team Size:​

    • 10 devs​

  • Role(s):

    • Producer

    • Audio Designer

    • Scrum Lead

  • Production Style:​

    • Agile/Scrum​

Wiz-Kid was my Minor Production project at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Produced entirely by first year students, this rogue-lite project was spawned from a prompt: Self-Destruction. I proudly served as the producer on this two month production. 

This project was developed entirely remotely during the Covid - 19 crisis.

Project Roles 

Producer/Product Owner:

  • Created, organized, and maintained team's kanban board. 

  • Assigned and managed all devs' taks. 

  • Worked with devs in pivoting the project & coming up with creative alternative solutions, allowing the team to make the best product given the short time-frame

  • Organized both the team's remote communication system and file sharing structure.

  • Co-wrote the project's Quality Assurance Plan document.

  • Conducted daily internal tests with the dev team to determine best steps going forward.

  • Led an external QA test for the Beta I sprint, analyzed the data, and disseminated that data with the team.

  • Assumed tasks that were outside of the team's specialties so they could focus on their fortes, including but not limited to post-processing and audio design.

Scrum Master:

  • Led scrum rituals for the team, including daily stand-ups, sprint retrospectives, and sprint planning

  • Documented and shared all information during sprint rituals.

  • Identified & eliminated blockers for the development team.

Audio Designer:

  • Sourced, foleyed, and edited the game's audio assets.

  • Sourced music that best fit the game's overall theme.

  • Redited and iterated on audio assets as necessary when other devs provided feedback.

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